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Beyond the visible side effects, steroid users can suffer from long-term, possibly life-threatening side effects. Can you guess how many other body systems are negatively impacted by steroid use?

Steroid use can have an intense impact on a user’s psyche. The most famous is “roid rage” – aggressive, angry, hostile, and even violent behaviour.

Users may feel invincible which can feed reckless behavior and poor decision making. Others may feel restless and inadequate, suffer from extreme mood swings and irritability, and have a decreased sex drive.

We can constantly find out more concerning bodybuilding canada with appropriate browsing. Steroid users may become psychologically addicted to how they look and feel, and may develop psychosis; a serious psychiatric condition which can include hallucinations and paranoia. Some say that users may become depressed when steroid use is discontinued, and could become suicidal.

Male steroid users might look like supermen on the outside but regular use will have a terrible impact on their manhood. Users can experience :

Some side effects are reversible if steroid use is stopped but there are no guarantees that all systems will return to normal, and may require a lifetime of hormone replacement therapy.

Women’s bodies require a very small amount of testosterone compared to men. and up to twice as much as a typical man. The increase in testosterone has the desired effects of increased muscle strength, decreased body fat, and more aggressive athletic performance, but it comes with several very undesirable side effects. A high level of testosterone can bring about masculine characteristics such as:

Users who want to disguise their activities might turn to using drugs that conceal the presence of steroids in a urine test. These are called masking agents.

Most masking agents are medications that were originally developed to treat life-threatening diseases like cancer and diabetes. When they are used by healthy individuals they can have shocking effects like a decrease in libido, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders, kidney stones, acute gouty arthritis, and severe anemia.

Other athletes use diuretics which can cause heart arrhythmias, blood volume depletion, significant drops in blood pressure, and severe electrolyte imbalances.

Masking agents can cover up steroid use in a doping control test, but they are also on the WADA Prohibited List. They can be detected in a doping control test and can lead to an anti-doping violation.

Athletes must remember that anabolic agents are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Those who are caught using steroids are typically given a minimum 2-year sanction to reflect the blatant attempt at cheating that steroid use represents. A sanction means no training, practicing, or competing with your teammates in any and all sports.

A sanction is also likely to mark your permanent record. Sanctions are made public and will probably affect your attempts to advance in life.

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