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The typo, it needs to be noted, is an immediate quote from the item screenshots readily available on No, so far as I can tell, this isn’t a joke. I’d really like to understand what is happening in Soulja Boy’s head at this time. Soulja Boy has at all times been a huge gamer so it surprises me it took him this much time to create some type of knock off to receive a few quick bucks. He has been planning the launch of the SouljaWatch for years.

The remaining portion of the internet deployed a string of memes, gifs and jokes to share their feelings about the game. That includes licensing concerns of it’s own but there’s also an additional element to all this. These individuals can achieve this. I knew it was going to take a great deal of money and have a team, only a lot to come with it so I played with the idea for a little while and I finally made a decision to pursue it. In addition, he posted he had orders coming in every moment. I have a difficult time believing Nintendo signed off on this undertaking. Go the additional mile and be certain to buy them gifts they’re sure to cherish and enjoy for many years to come.

Now the rapper launching a mobile phone. To learn more on those products, visit Check out a few of his merchandise on his site link above. Congrats to Soulja Boy on these types of significant moves.

Facts, Fiction and Souljawatch

In the event the tech juug doesn’t work out for Soulja, he can at all times are determined by the rap sport. In the event the tech juug doesn’t work out for Soulja, he can all the time is determined by the rap sport. Soulja also launched his very own handheld game, as well as his own gaming system. But some are questioning Soulja’s gaming solutions. Soulja was an online savant at the start of viral rap.

Updates are made within the past five years. Additionally, it boasts a more compact library of merely 800 built-in games, even though it includes a controller dependent on the DualShock design. Again, a complete game list isn’t offered. There’s no listing for the precise games that show up on the goods. Currently, there’s no news on whether Nintendo will take legal action against Soulja. I am aware that it’s new to the business. Though there’s a significant selection here, these items alone may not be sufficient for a singular enterprise.

Just not for the appropriate reasons. Take a look at a roundup of the greatest tweets below. I just need to give them a small smoke. You’re able to have a look at these remarkable slices of tech below.

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