Unanswered Questions In to Gout And Treatment Unmasked

Febuxostat may be an option if you develop side effects from allopurinol or have kidney disease. Like allopurinol, febuxostat decreases the amount of uric acid made in the body. It’s also started at a lower dose, which may be increased if uric acid levels remain high. Side effects can include nausea and joint or muscle pain.

Probenecid acts on the kidneys to help the body eliminate uric acid. The medication is taken daily and may be combined with antibiotics to boost effectiveness. Common side effects include kidney stones, nausea, skin rash, stomach upset and headaches.

Lesinurad is an oral drug that helps the body eliminate uric acid. It’s used with a xanthine oxidase inhibitor (XOI), such as allopurinol or febuxostat, to enhance the effects for people whose gout is not controlled by optimally-dosed XOIs alone. Common side effects include headache, flu symptoms, increased blood creatinine, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), kidney-related side effects and kidney stones. Lesinurad may also increase the risk of cardiovascular events. Patients should stay well hydrated to avoid formation of kidney stones.

Pegloticase is used when standard medications are unable to lower the uric acid level, a condition known as refractory chronic gout. Pegloticase reduces uric acid quickly and to lower levels than other medications. The drug is administered every two weeks by intravenous (IV) infusion. Side effects can include infusion reactions, gout flares, nausea, bruising, sore throat, constipation, chest pain and vomiting.

One of the best ways to take care of your health if you have gout is to take a proactive role in your own treatment – a process called self-management.

Gout is caused by the overabundance of uric acid in your body. Understanding reduce swelling from gout is constantly a great option. This excess may result from the body either producing too much or excreting too little. The term “gout” is used generically to describe the spectrum of this illness from acute to chronic.

People who have gout typically suffer from symptoms affecting the feet, like swelling, pain, and redness, particularly in the joint behind the big toe. Acute gout causes sporadic attacks and can affect most any major extremity joint, with the small joints of the hands and feet affected most often.

With chronic gout, hard swellings known as tophi can form on the joints. These tophi are made of uric acid and can grow very large, even to the point of breaking through the skin.

People who suffer from gout usually undergo one or more of the following treatments to help them manage their condition.

Treatments for gout are designed to reduce either the pain and inflammation of individual attacks or the frequency of attacks. Traditional treatments include making dietary changes and taking certain medications.

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